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Quick Hello

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Hey guys, just a quick post to say a big thankyou for all your votes & support for the Bardot Blog Off i was participating in last month. I have as a result, won the competition and i most definitely could not have done it without you all! So i just wanted to say a big thankyou thankyou thankyou. From one 19 year old in australia to each and every one of you readers <3 You can have a peep at my winner’s page which is up at the moment and will soon be replaced with a cute and cosy little style page which i am busily preparing right about now, talking about some of the things i am loving this winter.
Also, because i just LOVE (sarcastic: i hate hearing my voice!) filming videos, here‘s another one for you to watch – a repeat of the denim styling workshops we did in store, filmed again in head office.

Because i (and hopefully you) just love pictures of food, here is a pic (taken by sarah) of the cute little chocolate/vanilla cupcakes that were in store during the LMFF week.

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Oh! And i have just discovered the four-photo-in-one-go function on Photobooth.. haha
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More updates on life: A few weeks ago i received a generous Modcloth gift voucher from the lovely people at Modcloth, who i still can’t believe know me and my little aussie blog. Rest assured i put it to good use and purchased something i would have purchased anyway – with or without a voucher. I chipped in the balance and guess what.. i officially (finally) own a Cambridge Satchel now!
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It is a 14 inch red one – and i know i had trouble deciding what colour and size to get before purchasing / and if i should get the satchel at all. I can say right now that apart from the fact that it smelled so ever strongly of ..leather, it is amazing! (Not to mention the cute names Modcloth has given the bags). All it needs is literally 1-2 days of airing – just sit it in your bedroom – and the smell goes right away. I’m about to take my satchel to a engraving person to get my name engraved onto the front and then it’s off to uni with me every single day.
Second lastly, my Lookbook.nu inbox just appeared for the first time in over a year and i felt like the biggest snob for ignoring everyone – sorry if i did ignore your messages, it was because i couldn’t see them :(
Lastly, here are a few pics from werribee open range zoo & werribee mansion – i went there with a lovely uni (photography) club which i recently joined and am completely in love with! :) If i was still working, i probably wouldn’t have time to go out on the weekend for a whole day, so i’m glad i can now! Anyway reminds me of this post which i saw on twitter recently, i hope 1, 2 & 5 will never be a regret of mine. It’s definitely an interesting read.

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The pro looking photo above is obviously not taken by me haha but rather the guy in the photo! Check out that flash by the way..!

Anything else? Not really! I know you are not used to random ramblings like this but hey, i’ll see you soon with an outfit post :)
Goodnight all!
PS. Congrats to Maybel who won the Frankie Sunshine giveaway <3
PPS. Because i am a dslr doofus and learn everything by trial and error – i have just been informed of the existence of some custom picture styles where i can up the saturation and contrast and produce vividly vivid pictures like this LOL. Rest assured my dslr will be going to a thorough inspection now as i begin to learn the rest of its 3234328975 functions ..hahaha.
Just look how bright my garden looks!
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