—— 27.05.11 | outfit ——

Something Simple

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Forever 21 black felt hat and striped top, Urban Outfitters navy cardigan, ASOS pants, belt and wedges.
Right now.. i am studying very hard for my exams (except for this short break i am having now to update my blog). I’ve finished all my classes for semester one, all that follows is a week of SWOTVAC (i feel so lucky to have a whole week, last year we only got two days..i swear!) and then four exams. I am currently doing three commerce subjects and one law subject and i can tell you right now, that my study timetable looks like this: 80% of my time is spent on my one law subject – (property law, if anyone cares to know!) and 20% of the time spent on my three commerce subjects.
I feel stressed out! Why i am wearing neither florals nor vintage, i’ve not a clue. Why i am wearing things resulting from almost impulsive online purchases.. well that must be the effects of study-trauma! I feel like a boy with my baggy pants but gosh i like the colour.

—— 22.05.11 | outfit ——


5744960807 a41af6bf5f z Scrunchie
So we all know my not-so-secret love affair with scrunchies. Well i’ve been secretly collecting them since that love affair began. Scrunchies were first popular in the 80s and are a cute way to spice up side ponies.You may have remembered seeing me wear some of my personal ones in these looks here, here and here.
5745504762 1270d06a9e z Scrunchie 
style: seaflower // name: the silvana scrunchie. 
5745504760 3d478045e2 z Scrunchie
style: seaflower // name: the shelley scrunchie. 
Now finally, i have gathered a big enough collection to be able to launch them together on Vintage with Kani. Believe me, they are quite hard to find! These little treasures have been especially chosen for their gorgeous patterns, vibrant colours and excellent condition. They are all patterns that i would wear; and they are all vintage from the 80s-early 90s, one of a kind – some even handmade. They have been carefully chosen, thoroughly washed and happily packaged in pretty little recycled gift boxes, ready to be sent to loving homes – wherever you are in the world. And with over twenty different one-offs to choose from, it makes scouring for your perfect colour and style so easy <3
5744954721 76e1f228b7 z Scrunchie 
style: fleur // name: the francesca scrunchie. 
5744954697 ac2b9437b7 z Scrunchie 
style: poppy // name: the pipa scrunchie. 
5744960785 411361613e z Scrunchie 
 style: fleur // name: the fi scrunchie.
5744948621 ac23065b8f z Scrunchie 
 style: fleur // name: the frankie scrunchie.
5744960813 7ce685eaf2 z Scrunchie

$15AU each, free shipping worldwide
To purchase, email kisforkani[at]gmail[dot]com with scrunchie name(s) in subject line and PayPal email.

And before i forget, i have saved aside one special vintage scrunchie which i will be giving away to one lucky reader. All you need to do is be a Google Connect, Bloglovin‘, Facebook or Twitter follower and leave a comment with the following:
  • How you follow this blog – please leave a separate comment for each way you follow
  • A contact email in case you win (use brackets! – kisforkani[at]gmail[dot]com) 
  • That is absolutely it! 

Entries close next Sunday, 8pm Melbourne time. Winner will be drawn at random. Just a little thankyou for visiting my little corner of the world wide web :)

Oh and speaking of free shipping, my handmade goodies are currently shipping for free to all Australian homes with code ‘IMLOCAL’ – ends tonight :)


    —— 20.05.11 | outfit ——

    By the Lake

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    5739650488 647ab1c0dc o By the Lake
    5739650510 ce271247fd o By the Lake
    5739650506 9452370f57 o By the Lake
    5739650480 53e7e2d7d0 o By the Lake
    Vintage boater hat and skirt, Cotton on lace top, ASOS brown wedges and Cambridge satchel from Modcloth
    Just the last batch of photos, i wish the weather was still this warm.. but sadly not. I’m really into maxi skirts and really long skirts in general these days so prepare to see more of them! I’m going to have to cut the blabber short today because exams are so near and i’m sort of somewhat actually just REALLY quite stressed out. Here’s a picture of the lovely photographers who took the photos in my latest three posts :)
    5712714749 953d6b4d25 z By the Lake 
    Yohan, Tasha, Andrew, Yoga, Tom & me :)
    And for anyone who’s looking for some handmade therapy, there’s a special code floating around on Facebook & Twitter for my handmade hair accessories.. <3
    5739175359 7035080c85 z By the Lake

    Wishing you all a happy and hopefully relaxing weekend!