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Autumn Garden

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Knit cardigan, Vintage blouse, slightly unfinished handmade tulle skirt, ASOS belt & wedges. Photos by Tasha and Yoga.
With my trust Diana Mr Pink on hand, i hereby present to you the first lot of photos taken at the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens. I received these photos today and am so excited to see them – of course there are quite a few with me producing awkward expressions.. anyway! This particular set you see above are taken by the lovely Tasha & Yoga. I guess i had tonnes of fun on that day, it was extremely sunny and beautiful – something you no longer see in Melbourne anymore. The type of print on my cardigan is something i adore, tulle and voluminous bottoms is something else i adore and vintage blouses.. i always will love. So three of my favourite things in one outfit!
Also, one of my favourite photos from this bunch is now my Facebook Page profile pic – you can check it out here! It’s by Yohan <3


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