—— 17.05.11 | outfit ——

Pinks, Blues & Pastel Hues

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KANI hair wreath, Miss Patina bow back denim dress, Dolphin bracelet from China, Pumpkin carriage bracelet from Diva, pink brogues. 
Photos by Andrew, Tasha, Yoga & Yohan <3
This is the second set of photos shot at the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens.
So i bought this dress from Miss Patina around January this year and have worn it countless times including on my birthday but have only just got the chance to have photos taken of it! It’s one of my faves as i just love the cute bow back and did i mention it is made out of denim and polka dots? The shoes on the other hand.. i swear i have never seen pink brogues before. They’re a bit of a pastel pink but are now sold out.. so cute though!
Anyway, Blogger bloggers out there might know that there has been some hiccups with the Blogger server last week and as a result about thirty comments from my previous blog post are now missing. But guess what! Lucky i get email notifications so i did indeed get a chance to read them, in response to a few questions asked but no longer showing :)
  • No the photos were not taken on a canon eos1000d, i think the cameras used were canon eos500ds and eos550ds?
  • The photos were not taken by film, they were just post processed.
  • And lastly, yes my pink camera works!

Oh and it’s my little sister’s birthday today! Happy birthday Row! She’s now sweet 16 :):)

—— 16.05.11 | outfit ——

Autumn Garden

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Knit cardigan, Vintage blouse, slightly unfinished handmade tulle skirt, ASOS belt & wedges. Photos by Tasha and Yoga.
With my trust Diana Mr Pink on hand, i hereby present to you the first lot of photos taken at the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens. I received these photos today and am so excited to see them – of course there are quite a few with me producing awkward expressions.. anyway! This particular set you see above are taken by the lovely Tasha & Yoga. I guess i had tonnes of fun on that day, it was extremely sunny and beautiful – something you no longer see in Melbourne anymore. The type of print on my cardigan is something i adore, tulle and voluminous bottoms is something else i adore and vintage blouses.. i always will love. So three of my favourite things in one outfit!
Also, one of my favourite photos from this bunch is now my Facebook Page profile pic – you can check it out here! It’s by Yohan <3


—— 10.05.11 | outfit ——

Take Two

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 Vintage scrunchie, triple collar blouse and jumper, bird cage necklace – gift from a friend <3, Bardot denim jeans, Cambridge satchel from Modcloth, ASOS wedges
I have a few confessions to make. 1. I cleaned my room for the last post. 2. I bought a few things this week. 3. My room is now a mess again. *Cue floordrobe* 4. At least my wardrobe still looks like the photo. 
A couple of weeks ago i headed off to the royal botanical gardens to model for some lovely photographers who wanted to practise their photography. It was soso beautiful there, i’ve decided that if i don’t get married at werribee mansion.. i’m heading to the royal botanical gardens! Anyway i’m getting the photos off them this week and i’m so excited to share them with you <3 I’m not so sure the degree of awkwardness my facial expressions will be, but i can guarantee you beautiful beautiful scenery! There was a particular tree that was yellowing and shedding it’s leaves and it was just so pretty..
PS. Exam timetables have come out and i am happy to say that i have a pretty good timetable!
PPS. And to the Melburnian readers of K is for KANI, how cold was it today!?
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For those who have stuck around for almost a year, you may recall me wearing this jumper in a previous post in August 2010. I still love it and wear it nine months onwards! Oh, and if anyone’s interested i have a pair of the same wedges which are sold out on ASOS, new in box, in UK5 (recommended for a 7AU) for sale here.