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Something Simple

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Forever 21 black felt hat and striped top, Urban Outfitters navy cardigan, ASOS pants, belt and wedges.
Right now.. i am studying very hard for my exams (except for this short break i am having now to update my blog). I’ve finished all my classes for semester one, all that follows is a week of SWOTVAC (i feel so lucky to have a whole week, last year we only got two days..i swear!) and then four exams. I am currently doing three commerce subjects and one law subject and i can tell you right now, that my study timetable looks like this: 80% of my time is spent on my one law subject – (property law, if anyone cares to know!) and 20% of the time spent on my three commerce subjects.
I feel stressed out! Why i am wearing neither florals nor vintage, i’ve not a clue. Why i am wearing things resulting from almost impulsive online purchases.. well that must be the effects of study-trauma! I feel like a boy with my baggy pants but gosh i like the colour.

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