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Hello and welcome to my wardrobe which is really scattered all over my bedroom! I have bags and headbands in my bookshelf, shoes near the window, scrunchies on the dresser and well, clothes in the wardrobe :). I’m a big fan of keeping organised and all and in the pics below you will see some ideas on how i store certain items – in particular my headband stand which i am overly proud of. I’ll even teach you out to make it.. so read on ;). In terms of information, this will most probably be the most informative post i will ever have written!

My bookshelf

So on my bookshelf, this is the closest thing you will see to books (apart from my four Dan Brown novels). To be honest, i’ve never been much of a bookworm, my parents used to make me read to improve my english but alas, i could never find myself interested enough to stick through 100+ pages of text. I do like to read magazines however. I believe the two copies of ‘summer issue 2010’ is the Myer Emporium magazine. The purple one is issue #1 of Alexis Magazine Singapore – i was featured in the issue and it was my first print feature.. look here! The big white thing next to it is Frankie Spaces – in all honesty it is almost a book(azine) and i have not started reading it yet, but it does have pretty pictures. Next to that is my collection of Frankie mags. Next to that would be my only copy of Oh Comely, a Frankie style mag from the UK. And next to that would be some Peppermint :) So there you go, they are the magazines that i read. Not so much ‘wardrobe tour’ information, but still fun right?
So why do i keep taking photos of my bookshelf when i previously said i was going to show you my wardrobe? Well as i said, i don’t really keep books in my bookshelf. Here’s an example. All my bags are placed on the bottom shelf like so. I’m a big fan of vintage bags and almost all of them are vintage except for one :). I also promise i am no where a bag-a-shop-a-holic because all of the bags seen above, the ones i used most of the time, were bought almost 1+ years ago :). I previously used to hang my bags on my hat stand (will introduce you below) but decided it was bad for the straps so, this is an alternative idea if anyone needs one.

I might as well turn my wardrobe tour into a room tour now :). I just wanted to introduce you to my adorable (i think so at least) boombox which plays radio and tape mixes. It is one of my favourite market finds of the almost two decades i have been alive for. And it is red. Really don’t have to say more. Next to it is where i store my larger school size bags. You will have seen both of these in my outfit posts before! 
Right next to the boombox and bags is where i have my shoe rack. It’s really two shoe racks put together – something i really love as in a small room like mine, building vertically is just as important as building vertically in terms of maximising land value in melbourne ;) I have seventeen pairs of shoes on the rack + a pair of black flats outside and i swear that is all the shoes that i own! Oh and also a pair of runners and thongs and slippers but they don’t count.. :). The shoe rack(s) were from Target, but i’m not sure if they still sell them.

Presenting.. my headband stand! I used to own a few too many headbands and really needed a method of storing them. At first my genius strategy was just scattering them all over my dressing table. The second idea was hanging them off the top of a rolled up piece of poster paper. And lastly, this! It is made out of a long wooden rod saw-ed into two, which is then blu-tacked on both sides and stuck onto the shelf. The left side of the shelf was a plank of wood that my father had cut and was inserted into the bookshelf to create this headband stand. I lovelovelove it! And it’s so easy to build as well – the wooden rods can be purchased from Spotlight and the plank of wood.. i’m sure you can find that somewhere too! :)
All my headbands are handmade, most are trial designs for my etsy, except for the three black ones which were from diva, myer & myer (marc jacobs daisy freebie!) and a cream floral one from diva.

My beloved hat stand. I had been looking for a hat stand everywhere in melbourne and could never find one that was not huge, wooden and $200. A month later i was casually strolling the streets of china where my mother and i passed a warehouse that was selling a bazillion of these. It was only $15 and we didn’t even bargain! I felt so bad but what could i do.. other than to buy two. One’s in my room and one’s in the study for my father. I hang my hats off the top hooks and the bottom ones i hang my bow neckties, necklaces, green bags and floral tapestry backpack.


My wardrobe doors. Marc Jacobs Daisy, i swear, is the only perfume i have fallen head over heels over head over heels over head for. Even the perfume sample card was too cute and i just happened to collect enough of these from myer to fill the bottom of my double sided wardrobe doors with. My current bottle is out and am using CK euphoria (female version haha), but i think i will be heading off soon to check out the new limited edition daisy bottles!

Now i promise the inside is not a walk in wardrobe..

And..! My wardrobe. I have a double slide door wardrobe, i find it a bit annoying at times because i can only see half of the wardrobe at a time (first world problems, i guess i shouldn’t complain). So on the left side i have all my tops, bottoms, jackets – they generally are hung grouped together – if i’m procrastinating i usually go and colour code my wardrobe but when i took the photo i was too busy to procrastinate. The bottom three compartments is a shelf that i have lying on it’s side. Left compartment is thin cardis, middle compartment are thicker cardis and the last compartment is denim/pants/trousers :)
On top of the shelf i have a shoe box full of vintage scarves (most are from my mother), some chunky cardis and some folded knits.

And on the other side, i have mostly dresses – casual ones on the left and formal ones on the right. It’s a bit more empty here so i also have some heavy winter coats hanging on the right as well. I separate my wardrobe like this because i figured that when i’m choosing a dress to wear, i don’t really need to check out what tops and bottoms i need, so those items don’t need to be together. It makes sense in my mind and works to an extent in terms of organising myself..! You can also see on the right my hatstand. Yes i’m too poor to buy matching hangers but one day i hope to implement a consistent wooden hanger system.. to increase my organisational skills hahahahaha.


On the top of my dressing table i have some pieces of a cute jewelry storage set i bought in china. It’s basically used to hang earrings off or rings or any nifty pieces. (They are sitting on top of the mirror). I have on my dressing table the little wire bed which i use to put some perfume samples in, a miniature hatstand which i hang dangly earrings off and also a dividing panel thing which i use to put my studs on. They are all so cute and i have been hunting for ages to find the perfect vintage doll house to arrange the furniture in, haven’t been successful yet though!
My perfumes. Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs Daisy (ran out, sad), CK Euophoria.
And lastly, my cake stand! It was on clearance for $10 at myer during the history making sale many years ago (does anyone remember that), so it was quickly snapped up. Not for cakes.. but for jewellery :). I find it a very accessible way to store jewellery as you can see it easily. Next to it is a woven wooden pram i got at the markets, which i am 90% sure is for pot plants.. but i store my vintage scrunchies in there. I have quite a collection (again, mainly from my mother!) so i think it may soon be time i find another way of storing them.
So to conclude.. that’s my room (and what my wardrobe looks like!). Speaking of wardrobes, i’ve just updated with 35+ things up for sale here! Next post: outfit post <3
Good night everyone, hope you enjoyed!
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