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Colour Block

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KANI bow beret (available here), collar & shorts, vintage mustard jumper and bag, tights from Myer, ASOS wedges

Whilst most of the world is colour blocking their way into summer outfits, us australians are slowly shivering our way into winter weather. So i thought i’d share how i’ve been interpreting the colour block trend into my style lately. In a kill two birds with one stone post, this was put together whilst i was preparing photos for my beret listings. Mustard and blue is a combination i have been enjoying wearing together. I don’t know, to me the combination produces a rather retro feel. When i think of mustard and blue together images of television boxes, old school radios and milk boy caps come to mind. Other colours i am dying to get my hands on these days to wear together include lime & pastel peach and purple & yellow. When it comes to colour blocking, i feel like complementary colours go best together. Bright and clashy is how i’d like it :)

P.S. i’ve just created a flash sale on KANI to clear some items, making way for some new creations. Free shipping australia-wide!

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