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Just a Rolling Stone

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Urban Outfitters mustard cardigan, Rolling Stones t-shirt & tights, Supre shorts, vintage bag and boots

It has probably been over three years since i have intentionally worn a t-shirt out but last week i wore this printed tee (and outfit) to the city. Okay, truth is i wore a different pair of tights but they ended up in the wash so here is a re-cap of what i wore :) I make it sound as if i was having tonnes of fun in the city but really, a friend and i were doing some research for a project.
I think there may be a high possibility i’m going to start dressing more boy-ishly now. Part of the reason would be that my uni campus is extremely windy and whenever i put on a skirt or dress, i end up having a torturous day of holding my skirt (not to mention my laptop, textbooks, bag). So i guess i have been wearing more leggings, pants and shorts to uni these days which has hence also, influence what i wear in general!
Hope everyone is having a lovely sunday, and i know june is the lovely month of exams for australian students so i wish you all good luck, you can do it! :)PS! I’m going to get a haircut soon.. should i stick with the usual side fringe, or get a blunt front fringe?


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