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If you’ve just hit play above, you’re listening to the beautiful Lisa Mitchell. One of my favourite artists!
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Grey cape c/o ClubCouture, Bardot pink cardigan, Forever 21 stripey top, vintage floral skirt, tights from Myer (forgot which brand), ASOS wedges, laptop case c/o Snupped
So just debuting my new haircut on my blog today, by basically recreating yesterday’s outfit as the weather was too horrid to even step outside. Anyway so the main point of today is that, i finished the second (first, my bad!!) semester of my second year of university studies! I pretty much spent the last month studying for my four subjects – property law, brand management, management & statistics. Yesterday i did my last exam and now i’m a free bird. Well, for four weeks! Hence the excited first photo. 
When i dress for cold weather, i normally wear my clothing so that i have about three outfits in one. I don’t know how to describe. I layer on two or three ‘outerwear’ pieces – like how i have done with the cardigan and the cape. If it’s still cold, i put on something over. And then depending where i am, i take my layers off to suit :) 
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This case is from Snupped. It is actually a custom laptop case – you get to choose the outside pattern, inside pattern (mine’s red polka dot inside!) and enter your laptop model and they handmake a custom case just for you. I’m obviously all for handmade goodness (and quirky owls), given i love handcrafting headbands and all, so this is no exception. And i can’t tell you how useful those handles on the case are. My previous laptop case was just a felt slip thing without handles and i used to carry it around in my hands and well let me just tell you, handles are so convenient – you know what i’m talking about :)
See you soon! Perhaps tomorrow or the next day ;) ♡

PS i made a welcome page on my Facebook page, if you aren’t a fan when visiting – you will be able to see it when you land!

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