Did you just hit play? You’re listening to Chester See – God Damn You’re Beautiful :) Trust me, it’s lovely!
KANI handmade bow beret (coming soon), Sailor coat (can’t remember), lace dress, tights and bag, ASOS wedges. 
I couldn’t help it, when i put this outfit together, to wear some of my current favourite things in my wardrobe. This sailor coat, which i forget where it’s from. It’s so adorable and has the cutest collar. This lace dress with cute tulle underlining, my suspender tights of 2011. You may recall last year i was obsessed with the Topshop heart suspender tights. Well these are probably the 2011 version of them! I think you may just see them a bit too much as i bought another pair after i received them, just in case i pull them accidentally. My English heart bag, really loving structured bags at the moment. My trusty ASOS wedges, I think i wear these much too much these days. I should probably buy a pair of flat ankle boots so i can swap around..
And last but not least, i am modelling for you this wool bow beret. You might have recalled me wearing a similar handmade one last year, after being inspired by seeing a similar bow beret in store. You may also recall asking me if i was making any more. Well one year on. I still love them. I still have plenty of silver studs. So guess what i’ve been spending the last few days doing? I have created a little collection of eight studded bow berets, in different colour ways, which i can’t wait to show you in the next couple of days..

To end with, sometimes i meet people out and about who ask me if i’m from K is for KANI.. except sometimes i giggle inside when i hear my blog name pronounced in funny ways ;) This is how you pronounce ‘Kani’, just in case you were wondering. Call it whatever you like, i’m used to people pronouncing my surname wrong, etc, but just letting you know <3

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