Urban Outfitters navy cardigan, Rolling Stones t-shirt, shortalls, ASOS suede loafers & Forever 21 pink ankle socks.
Recently i’ve been really into the whole overalls thing. After receiving these lovely shortalls (is that what these are called?) from ClubCouture (which have free shipping at the moment..(!!)) i’ve been quite inspired to try out more clothing like this. I paired this particular pair with a mustard t-shirt (i love mustard), big chunky cardigan and some loafers. My friend persuaded me to buy them, i still can’t decide if i like them yet, they’re so different to the boots i normally trample around in. I waterproofed them as soon as i got them as i’m too scared i’ll be caught by surprise if it ever was to rain!
Anyway i’ve been quite into overalls/shortalls, so i ordered another pair online which i hope i can show you in a post soon. It’s just as lovely as this pair except it’s a lighter shade of blue :).
Today i made my sister a beautiful woodland inspired headband for a school formal she’s going to this week. I spent much too long um-ing and ah-ing at the placement of every piece.. i really wanted it to look perfect! Anyway i really love it now and i really want to show you guys..but she said ‘not until the formal is over!’ :( It’s one of my favourite designs so far and i am thinking of making it in many different colours :)
This is probably the last post you’ll see me bare legged. From now on, winter outfits here we come!
Oh! I’ve had a few people asking me recently what type of music i’m into, so i thought i would embed add one of my favourite songs to the top of this post, so if you guys are keen, you can click play before reading each post. I promise you won’t get a shock fright when you click the songs, i tend to sway more towards soft ballads.. but i can’t promise you! But do let me know if you’d like me to continue adding music to my posts :) Today’s song is by an Aussie band – George, heard it first on the Aussie Soap Home and Away, which i loved. Anyway, it’s called ‘Breathe in Now’. So beautiful, enjoy!

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