—— 29.06.11 | outfit ——

Vintage Overalls & a Floral Velvet Cardigan

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Vintage floral velvet cardigan, blouse & overalls, cream wool tights from Myer and ASOS suede wedges.
These are the vintage overalls that i purchased recently and am loving quite a bit. They’re actually quite a small size, i have to adjust the straps to the longest length for them to fit me (i’m not even that tall) so i have a feeling they may have been kids overalls or something! They’re superbly great to wear and have a bazillion pockets which i don’t really need, even though pockets are always so handy to have on clothing!
The cardigan – i’m not sure if i’ve ever posted it on the blog before. I’ve had it for quite some time. It came to me double my size and my mum helped me take all the pieces apart, cut them smaller and sew it back together again. So now it’s a little bit more my size and definitely getting much more wear!
And of course, my trusty blouse with triple the peter pan collar goodness, which i think i’m going to end up wearing to shoot all my headband photos. It’s quite a plain piece which is still has a little retro and cutesy vibe to it. I totally did not just spend the last two days reshooting my headband photos wearing this blouse..
I have made a few video posts on Photobooth and just need to convert them into an uploadable format for Youtube before i can post them. So expect a few short video logs from me soon – by video logs i mean less than 45 second long clips..!  But for now, tomorrow is me & my bf’s 2.5 years together <3 I’m going to be making some strawberry and cream cake in the morning. I’m sure he won’t read this because he’s playing black ops right now.. so don’t worry, it won’t be spoiled ;)
PS! I am, for the timebeing, on the LOOKBOOK.nu top 25 all time leaderboard!! I’m 25th so any day i’ll get kicked off since i don’t post that much to retain my spot but man! I am so so excited i even printscreened for memories haha.. i’m the only aussie on it at the moment!! anyway i most definitely could not have done it without all your hypes so thanks so much everyone for giving me this moment of excitement! ♡♡♡ Perhaps it will encourage me to post more looks..!
PPS. You’re listening to Playjerise – Safe to Say. They’re a local aussie band, nice acoustic music! Ok, this was supposed to be a short blog post before i go to sleep and i’ve typed much too much. Got to go now so i can wake up early to bake that cake ♡