—— 30.07.11 | outfit ——

Bits and Bobs

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Switchfoot – Twenty Four
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Matt Palmer – Rain
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1: Vintage blouse, Supre dress (worn as top) and skirt, ASOS wedges 
2: Vintage blouse, Vintage with Kani neckties, shorts
3: Vintage blouse, blazer and parrot badge, Supre pleated chiffon skirt, ASOS wedges
4: Maroon cape bought overseas, Forver 21 dress, ASOS belt, voodoo tights, ASOS heels, vintage scrunchie
5: Oroton umbrella, vintage cardigan, Sunny Sideup vintage dress, Myer scarf, tights, ASOS wedges
So I was going through my computer the other day and i realised that i had a lot of outfits worn that i have not posted on my blog. They’re just sitting around gathering dust now so i thought i should put them all together into one blog post to show you a quick glimpse of some of them. Some of them i had only had time to post on Lookbook.nu only and some of them i hadn’t even posted at all. A few are from before i got my front fringe and a few are after. I still can’t decide whether i like my side fringe or front fringe better, i sort of miss my eyebrows in a way..
From this collection of photos i guess i have confirmed for myself that i love socks and tights as well as skirts and dresses. There was a phase a few months ago when i was really into denim but i really don’t know what happened there. Perhaps the only two pairs of jeans in my wardrobe have become hidden amongst my other things which have caused me to neglect them. You know what? I think i’ll wear jeans next week, craving them again.
Yesterday i realised that the galaxy skirt from Romwe was restocked with 16 left so i posted a link on Facebook to share with you all. It actually ended up being sold out after about six hours and i’m so glad those who wanted one managed to get their hands on one too! I love it so much :) Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :) I just spent the morning handwashing and washing baskets full of clothing, had potato salad and chicken wings for lunch and now i’m about to start some marketing study!
—— 27.07.11 | outfit ——

Mustard and Green

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Steve Miller Band – The Joker
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5925106011 1337558b30 o Mustard and Green
Urban Outfitters mustard cardigan, vintage blouse, gifted my name necklace personalised necklace, handmade skirt, vintage belt, bag c/o Chicwish, Betts wedges 

Hi there! It’s been a while since i’ve posted.. four days to be exact :) Well what has changed? Well firstly, you may have realised that my blog header has just gone through a fabulous makeover. Do you like my new illustrated image? It’s by the lovely Ester who resides in Europe and is a fantastic artist. She offered to draw me a personalised header for my blog and i just had to give it a go. I gave her a few details, asking for scallop circles, leaves, birds and nature and pops of brown and she came back with this amazing piece of art, drawn with graphite and derwent pencils. How talented is she? Thankyou, Ester!
5980402271 3de0c845f6 z Mustard and Green
Next! I’ve been getting a lot of emails/messages asking two very common questions. “Where’s that galaxy skirt from?” and “How did you do the levitation photos?” Ok! I am going to answer them here, in case i accidentally read an email or message and forget to click reply (for some reason i sometimes have a tendency to reply in my head and then forget to actually reply). Firstly, the galaxy skirt was from Romwe and it is unfortunately out of stock and not being restocked. However! Romwe does still have i believe maxi skirts (?), t-shirts and asymmetrical hemmed dresses with the same print, just search ‘star print’ in the search bar and they should pop up. In terms of how the levitation photos were taken, no i am not a contortionist, the photos were created via two photo layers. First you take a photo of the background with your tripod, then you put a stool/table/something to help you levitate into the frame and use it to create your pose. And then you pop them on your computer and layer them on top of each other and erase the stool to get your final image :) I learnt this online and it’s quite easy to do! If anyone does attempt it i’d love to see your shots!

5968842437 c51586b51d z 61650503 Mustard and Green

A few weeks ago i was contacted by Andrea of Betts Shoes with a lovely offer to participate in their ’5 Ways to Wear’ project. The idea was to show five different ways to style a shoe and i chose a beautiful cork platform wedge called Sunrise, new to the Spring/Summer ’11 collection to complete my project!

5980418535 68a41971c8 o Mustard and Green

It was indeed a challenge thinking up five outfits in one go to show all the looks but i definitely had tonnes of fun putting together the different looks. Being a Spring/Summer shoe, i did find it somewhat difficult to take the photos on a cold 14 degree day, hence the sock use :P I guess i feel sympathetic for models when they shoot swimwear shots in the middle of winter! Anyway you can see the feature up here on the Betts Blog. I’m actually a big fan of this shoe so when it really does become Spring, you may see me donning this pair a lot. They’re actually really comfy.
5980416953 d5597ff63e z Mustard and Green
My outfit from above is obviously one of the looks from my Betts feature, it’s one of my favourite ones and i hope you enjoy it too! I would just also like to say that semester two of university started yesterday and i am inundated with assignments already, mainly because topics are always released at the start of the semester and i feel like i should be getting started on them too. Also, i made a million handmade hair accessories over the break so you will be seeing those popping up soon on my Etsy!
Enjoy your week everyone, i think i’ve rambled on enough!
—— 24.07.11 | outfit ——

Flying Through Space

5968842443 2b35288a88 b Flying Through Space

High School Musical 1 – Breaking Free. Just going to put it out there that i am indeed 19 years old and yes i love High School Musical
5968842433 d377eed0bd z Flying Through Space
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5968842439 caef2a9d26 b Flying Through Space
5968842447 74af31ebaf z Flying Through Space
5968842437 c51586b51d z Flying Through Space
5968842445 66714a69c7 b Flying Through Space
Miss Shop skivvy, chain necklace from the markets, Romwe space skirt, vintage belt, ASOS wedges
Mike from Lookbook.nu asked me to participate in a ‘flying’ collaboration with a few other Lookbook.nu users Johanne, Bobby & more! So today i attempted some photos in light of this cute little collaboration! I also took some levitation photos, it’s the first time i have created a levitation photo before so i’m not very good at it, though it was extremely fun taking the shots :) Here’s my ‘flying’ look for the collaboration and you can see the other ones popping up on Lookbook.nu soon too.
For this look i decided to wear my space/galaxy skirt from Romwe which i guess suits the theme. It’s got the coolest galaxy print on it and i just had to buy it when i saw it online! :) I paired with lots of black – a black skivvy, black tights, black belt and black wedges.