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Oldie but a goodie, Fuel – Shimmer.
I’m glad you are all enjoying the added music clips to each post by the way! :)
I’m wearing Urban Outfitters mustard cardigan, vintage purple cardigan and blouse, Americana shorts, bag c/o Chicwish, voodoo tights, Cotton On khaki socks and vintage boots.
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This reminded me of Lisa Mitchell’s song :)
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I haven’t seen an old school lollyshop in so long so i just had to take a few snaps!
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$1 Dinosaurs at Big W
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Really loving taking these out of focus city lights photos
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Sad to see more physical book stores going! This one was Reader’s Digest.
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Tom and i headed out to the CBD last friday. We left at 4.30pm, to which my mother inquired: “are you going clubbing?” and took the bus down to what was originally going to be just collecting my 120 film from my diana camera. Instead, we ended up collecting my film, successfully finding Yu-U on flinders lane (has anyone been? it’s underground with a few frosty and shady looking cellar like windows and a signless door. So scary but so cosy inside. Anyway it was booked out so we ended up having some yum cha dumplings at Chinatown, followed by a trip to a lollyshop to buy a bag full of assorted sour lollies and some seafood curry laksa at Red Silks.
We stopped by JB Hi-Fi where i snapped a shot of an headphone brand’s slogan ‘when it’s too late to be loud – late night gaming’. When we went to catch the bus, we realised we had missed it and ended up dawdling around in big w, where i got a $1 tube of bubble liquid which gave me the funnest half hour of my week :)
These photos were taken at the bus stop, where i bumped into my high school chemistry teacher jogging, on the bus and out and about in the city. I was testing out different modes for night time photography and hence the bountiful amounts of happy snaps. Outfit photos were by tom :) Sadly, we didn’t get any photos together, i forgot to pack my other lens with me. We also forget to check out the weekly Friday night fireworks happening at the Docklands, oh well!

Lastly, i’ve been receiving some lovely artistic mail in the inbox lately but i always seem to forget to publish them on my blog, here’s a beautiful drawing by Ester (thankyou so much ♡), have a peep! To see the rest of the album, just check here!

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