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Flying Through Space

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High School Musical 1 – Breaking Free. Just going to put it out there that i am indeed 19 years old and yes i love High School Musical
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Miss Shop skivvy, chain necklace from the markets, Romwe space skirt, vintage belt, ASOS wedges
Mike from asked me to participate in a ‘flying’ collaboration with a few other users Johanne, Bobby & more! So today i attempted some photos in light of this cute little collaboration! I also took some levitation photos, it’s the first time i have created a levitation photo before so i’m not very good at it, though it was extremely fun taking the shots :) Here’s my ‘flying’ look for the collaboration and you can see the other ones popping up on soon too.
For this look i decided to wear my space/galaxy skirt from Romwe which i guess suits the theme. It’s got the coolest galaxy print on it and i just had to buy it when i saw it online! :) I paired with lots of black – a black skivvy, black tights, black belt and black wedges.

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