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Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry
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Vintage orange hair bow, blouse & jumper, personalised necklace, bag c/o Chicwish, Supre skirt, Romwe tights, ASOS wedges

Continuing on from yesterday, this is the outfit accompanying the necklace. It is a bit more black then what i normally wear as i tend to stray away from black since i have long black hair to begin with. My jumper is velvet and has tiny little strands of gold and green.. glitter? on it which is actually quite prickly to put on and touch. I added a pop of contrast via the vintage orange hair bow and pink tassel bag from Chicwish. I think this skirt is officially mine now, i wear it more than my sister and she seems to have happily settled on constantly borrowing my red skirt from this post. Actually, now that i think about it, we share wardrobes quite readily :)
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