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Pizza In the Park

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Simple Plan ft Marie-Mai – Jet Lag (french version). Thanks Ikram for recommending it to me, I love it! :)
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Urban Outfitters cardigan, vintage jumper, Quirky Circus shorts, Ambra tights, Cotton On socks, vintage boots & bag c/o Chicwish, sunnies gift from 80s Purple

The other day my sister and i went out to our local Pizza Hut to grab a quick lunch to eat at the park. Super supreme, my favourite one. We fought mother nature as we ate our pizza. An ant tried to join us and every now and then there would be a gush of wind. There was also a bee stalking us for our entire meal and i was thoroughly paranoid, apparently it was because i was wearing bright colours :( 
We took quite a few snaps and here are some of my favourite photos! I’ve been taking my camera out with me more often than normal as i’ve finally braved the thought of carrying a 1kg (i swear) heavier load in my bag and the stares that i get when i whip it out. It’s not even big for a dslr..! The outfit photos are by my sister, the other ones are by me – she wouldn’t let me post any photos of her though. I really like the spider web photo in particular (i almost walked into it!) i took while experimenting with manual focus.

These boots of mine have been getting quite a bit of a bashing lately, they’re pretty much the only flat ankle boots i own and are also the first pair of vintage boots i had ever bought, i got them off Etsy :) They have been scuffed so much at the front that no polish or anything is ever going to make them look perfect anymore, i think it’s time for me to hunt down another pair as these have really served me well, it’s been almost two years since i’ve had them!

Today i got a lovely surprise in my inbox today, a lovely drawing by Abby, i always love receiving drawings, drawing is something i’ve never been capable of mastering!

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People always seem to ask me questions about myself etc, so here’s another recent interview i’ve done – i was Nuffnang’s July blogger of the month and you can check out some questions i’ve answered here! Also, a few other recent features – on the Supre blog here, and issue 3 & 4 of ALEXIS Magazine Singapore – will share some photos soon!

And to any school students reading my blog, all the best for term 3 :)

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