—— 30.08.11 | outfit ——


6091356203 068cb1333c o Bubbly
6091356099 49b85bde2f o Bubbly
6091898238 8110850d77 o Bubbly
6091898174 82f8dbec91 o Bubbly
6091898074 4ca7cecb33 o Bubbly
6091897898 cff16a1379 o Bubbly
6091898014 fb13e52318 o Bubbly
6091897726 cf91217521 o Bubbly
6091897848 d31e252318 o Bubbly
6091355587 fea7c38465 o Bubbly
wearing: vintage hat & blouse, vintage red shorts, ASOS bow belt, vintage leather bag, DIY lace socks, Rubi shoes wooden wedges, bubble stick from Big W
This set of photos is probably my favourite from the lot, they were the ones taken with lizzie at the park. I think it must be because of how the red and blue stand out so much against the green. Also, i love how we managed to capture the bubbles floating whimsically in the air around me! We went through almost three tubes of bubble mix on the day. Two small ones and a large one. I think i pretty much had a permanent ‘bubble face’ on.
The shirt and hat are lizzie’s and i came up with this outfit on the morning of the shoot by pairing it with my red denim shorts! I think i must have packed at least 10 outfits, in fact i’m pretty sure i did. Pretty ambitious for a 2.5 hour shoot but nevertheless, we did get quite a bit done!

Anyway, off to sleep now ♡

—— 29.08.11 | outfit ——

Fourth Crusade

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6068757603 b09bcbb637 o Fourth Crusade
6069305722 acf6accb00 o Fourth Crusade
6069305960 f30dd38110 o Fourth Crusade
6069305682 ab305351d8 o Fourth Crusade
6068757571 56f55cd177 o Fourth Crusade
Vintage cardigan and blouse, gifted Fourth Crusade necklace, Supre skirt, voodoo tights, ASOS wedges, belt & bag
Hello! Just a quick update with an outfit a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to make it short and sweet as i have about a bazillion things i need to get done before i go to sleep tonight. Firstly, i received this lovely rainbow beaded necklace from Aussie jewellery store – Fourth Crusade. Cute name huh? In fact, what’s cuter, is the packaging. The square cards below? They’re business cards. How creative right :)
6091906919 0337d3dc9d o Fourth Crusade
6091906981 7b853875f9 o Fourth Crusade
So anyway, in my mind i pictured this necklace going perfectly well with a simple floaty white dress to wear twirling around some grassy fields. Alas, i did not have any grass fields to near me, nor could i find my only white dress. So this was the second best thing. A white blouse and some plain coloured pieces to allow the necklace to be the statement piece. I’m still looking forward to finding my white dress or just finding the perfect white dress in general to wear this necklace with, you may see it again when Spring/Summer arrives!
In other news, i am busy being a busy bee and am finding it extremely tough to manage everything on my plate this semester. Why do i find it worse than last semester? I don’t know. I guess perhaps with my growing blog (now 3000+ google followers! <3) and just the overall workload of my degree + just everything else i am finding it extremely hard to answer all the messages i get through lookbook, twitter, my blog email, chictopia, facebook + the many other ways i seem to be able to be contacted online. Pretty much lagging in all aspects over here so, bear with me for a while! I think i’m pretty thankful that i have a generously sized backlog of posts going on right now for my blog, or else i might not even have time to update twice a week!
—— 26.08.11 | outfit ——

A Rainbow Spring

6081786875 b84af69b33 o A Rainbow Spring
6081787205 437cb32431 o A Rainbow Spring
6082326082 ec7eb88d78 o A Rainbow Spring
6082326124 4f7635c779 o A Rainbow Spring
6081787075 8e3b3dcd01 o A Rainbow Spring
6082326294 5555c0b945 o A Rainbow Spring
6081786979 aa5e008fe2 o A Rainbow Spring
6082326182 17f02a4d83 o A Rainbow Spring
6081787161 b9b546823f o A Rainbow Spring
6081787237 abd6f2a361 o A Rainbow Spring
6081787273 da2e2b224f o A Rainbow Spring
Petal collar, Forever 21 velvet bubble hem dress, Diva armour ring, vintage belt, Topshop socks, Forever 21 clogs.
A few weeks ago the lovely Lizzie and i went to some suburban gardens to do this vintage themed photo shoot. It was a sneaky sunny day with lots of morning frost and wetness. We spent the day rolling a suitcase around the gravel paths and sinking our heels into the muddy hills, but it was all worth it in the end as it was tonnes of fun and we got tonnes of shots as well!
Here is the first outfit that i style for the day, i’m wearing a velvet black dress which was to contrast with the colourful helium balloons we got at the local party supplies shop. Lizzie did my hair in a low bun, i’ve never had my hair like this before and despite it not holding too well (unfortunately i’ve just started growing my layers out), i love it :)
Between our photos, we accidentally got our balloons caught up on the tree and somehow i magically jumped in my heels in gravel (quite dangerous now that i think about it) and managed to grab hold of the string before a taller passerby helped us maneuver them out. Anyway it was an extremely fun morning and there are many more photos to come. This is just the first batch, and i’ve been trialling some new photo editing methods now that my lag-free computer is proving to be much more easier to use.
Tomorrow i’m doing another little photoshoot in the morning, can’t wait to share. But for now, thanks lizzie for the lovely photos & hair :)