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A Rainbow Spring

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Petal collar, Forever 21 velvet bubble hem dress, Diva armour ring, vintage belt, Topshop socks, Forever 21 clogs.
A few weeks ago the lovely Lizzie and i went to some suburban gardens to do this vintage themed photo shoot. It was a sneaky sunny day with lots of morning frost and wetness. We spent the day rolling a suitcase around the gravel paths and sinking our heels into the muddy hills, but it was all worth it in the end as it was tonnes of fun and we got tonnes of shots as well!
Here is the first outfit that i style for the day, i’m wearing a velvet black dress which was to contrast with the colourful helium balloons we got at the local party supplies shop. Lizzie did my hair in a low bun, i’ve never had my hair like this before and despite it not holding too well (unfortunately i’ve just started growing my layers out), i love it :)
Between our photos, we accidentally got our balloons caught up on the tree and somehow i magically jumped in my heels in gravel (quite dangerous now that i think about it) and managed to grab hold of the string before a taller passerby helped us maneuver them out. Anyway it was an extremely fun morning and there are many more photos to come. This is just the first batch, and i’ve been trialling some new photo editing methods now that my lag-free computer is proving to be much more easier to use.
Tomorrow i’m doing another little photoshoot in the morning, can’t wait to share. But for now, thanks lizzie for the lovely photos & hair :)
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