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Lisa Mitchell: Oh! Hark!
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Romwe gifted scallop blouse, american print shorts and leather embroidered bag c/o Chicwish, voodoo tights, Sportsgirl socks, Urban Outfitters boots
As the weather starts to warm up, i have suddenly found myself longing for the spring/summer season ahead. All this inspiration from the northern hemisphere is really getting my excited for some hopefully mild temperature summer days. Of course, i’m not at all interested in those sticky 40 C plus days.. those ones are ..bad. Anyway i’ve been thinking about what i’d like to be wearing this summer and i’m getting all excited about buying cropped tops to wear with high waisted skirts/shorts/pants! I don’t know but the silhouette of such an outfit really appeals to me, after spending many of my days with tops tucked into my high waisted bottoms :)
I’m wearing my tassel suede bag again and a some blue american print shorts, topped off with a candy pink scalloped t-shirt which was snapped on a day that was fortunately sunny and 20something degrees. Funnily enough, i really wanted to wear these shorts again today with a vintage koala jumper i had. But then i thought about it.. koala jumper = Australia. american shorts = America. That sounds like a rather strange combination so i didn’t haha.
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i’ve got another sweet giveaway lined up hopefully coming soon. I’m sort of waiting to hit 3000 Google followers as well so i can celebrate together. Stay tuned! ♡
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