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wearing: vintage hat & blouse, vintage red shorts, ASOS bow belt, vintage leather bag, DIY lace socks, Rubi shoes wooden wedges, bubble stick from Big W
This set of photos is probably my favourite from the lot, they were the ones taken with lizzie at the park. I think it must be because of how the red and blue stand out so much against the green. Also, i love how we managed to capture the bubbles floating whimsically in the air around me! We went through almost three tubes of bubble mix on the day. Two small ones and a large one. I think i pretty much had a permanent ‘bubble face’ on.
The shirt and hat are lizzie’s and i came up with this outfit on the morning of the shoot by pairing it with my red denim shorts! I think i must have packed at least 10 outfits, in fact i’m pretty sure i did. Pretty ambitious for a 2.5 hour shoot but nevertheless, we did get quite a bit done!

Anyway, off to sleep now ♡

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