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Lisa Mitchell: Sun Sun Sun
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bowler hat, tshirt & backpack c/o Romwe, ASOS leopard belt, vintage purple shorts, Voodoo tights, Sportsgirl socks, vintage boots

My bad! It’s been a little longer than 24 hours but i just got home so.. i’m excused :D I wore this outfit last week to uni and Tom snapped these pics for me! It’s probably the fifth time or something that he’s used my dslr and i’m really happy with how they turned out :) We were blessed with great lighting on the day as well.
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My brown leather boots realllly need a polish. The heels are pretty much worn out now, i’ve had them for almost three years now, and being vintage boots i am thoroughly surprised and happy about how much trauma they have gone through. They have lasted so so long and i’m extremely happy but i think they’re going to fall apart soon :(
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I guess this is the type of outfit i have been going for when dressing for uni. Shorts/skirts + top + chunky cardigan. Actually the day i wore this it was some 20 degrees.. today, being 16 of course, i doubled up on the cardigans. Oh and you can’t tell, but i have a long sleeve under my t-shirt :) Sneaky layering huh!
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I’ve been trialling this backpack for uni over the last couple of weeks and i’ve got to say that it is one of the most functional bags i’ve ever owned (that is big enough for uni). And my statement is based on the side pocket on the right which i put my metcard in, making it super handy to take it out and up it back in when i take the bus to uni. I take two buses to get to uni so i have to pretty much take my metcard out and put it back in at least.. *counts* four times per trip! Anyway i always carry quite a bit to uni so i get paranoid that the strap will break off but so far.. so good.
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