Romwe bowler hat, vintage blouse, jumper and pants, ASOS belt, Urban Outfitters boots, bag c/o Chicwish, Diva necklace & watch c/o Breo
Hi there!!! It’s yours truly logging in now at about 9.59PM on Monday night to blog from my new computer. Yes, that’s right! I’ve got a new computer!!! If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve probably heard about me whinging about my lagging hand-me-down of a computer, ’twas a over eight year old veteran machine which presented me with great lagging capabilities when over three internet windows were open, took over 5 minutes per action i click on photoshop, froze every few days unexpectedly, probably had a bazillion different spyware/malware/trojans on it and had not only a broken cd/dvd drive, but also a broken USB port and well.. not really the computer’s fault, but also came with a a degenerating monitor which displayed grey/light blue/light pink/anything light as white (oh have i been deceived!). Oh boy, it was some sort of an ancient intel pentium core duo processor with well.. 512mb ram?
Now! Presenting! My new computer. It’s operates with the latest processor and has 8gb worth of ram. That’s pretty much 15 times what i used to have!!! Now when i open photoshop, it loads instantly and i can pretty much open as many internet windows i want and just wow! I can’t believe i don’t even care my bank account is empty..
So anyway, /end new computer happiness rave/ – these strange sort of geometric/aztec patterned trackpants looking harem pants are from my mum. Actually, it’s quite funny how i acquired them. My mum walked out the door to attend what i believe is.. my sister’s parent-teacher interview night and she wore these pants. I looked at them in an expression of ‘i need those in my life!’ and she said ‘oh i was just going to chuck these out’. And before i knew it, i had full ownership rights of those pants. Both to possess, use and enjoy. Yes i study property law. But no we don’t really talk about the law of who owns pants. I wore these pants to tom’s house a couple of weeks ago and when he saw he, he just stared at them with an expression of ‘what are you wearing?!’ I’m pretty sure they are hugely grandma and i’m still not sure how to pull them off but so far, this is how i’ve been wearing them.
My watch is from Breo.com, a lovely UK company that’s recently expanded to Aussie :) This is the style i got and both my sister and tom have fallen in love with it! Actually the funniest thing was that a couple of weeks ago, my sister was telling me about these watches with the ‘jelly’ wristbands and how she likes them, so now we’re sharing :) It’s a lovely hot pink colour which reminds me of the colour blocking trend that’s going around at the moment and will be perfect for my Spring outfits!
Oh and i have one more thing to say. I am in love with the speed of my new computer and you can probably tell by the amount i have typed. Actually that could also be due to the fact that i got a new keyboard which types silently. As opposed to my old keyboard where i had to really bash those keys down to get anything on my screen. Not to mention that my lag-free machine now enables me greater flexibility to play around with the editing of my photos which you will see soon!
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