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Fourth Crusade

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Vintage cardigan and blouse, gifted Fourth Crusade necklace, Supre skirt, voodoo tights, ASOS wedges, belt & bag
Hello! Just a quick update with an outfit a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to make it short and sweet as i have about a bazillion things i need to get done before i go to sleep tonight. Firstly, i received this lovely rainbow beaded necklace from Aussie jewellery store – Fourth Crusade. Cute name huh? In fact, what’s cuter, is the packaging. The square cards below? They’re business cards. How creative right :)
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So anyway, in my mind i pictured this necklace going perfectly well with a simple floaty white dress to wear twirling around some grassy fields. Alas, i did not have any grass fields to near me, nor could i find my only white dress. So this was the second best thing. A white blouse and some plain coloured pieces to allow the necklace to be the statement piece. I’m still looking forward to finding my white dress or just finding the perfect white dress in general to wear this necklace with, you may see it again when Spring/Summer arrives!
In other news, i am busy being a busy bee and am finding it extremely tough to manage everything on my plate this semester. Why do i find it worse than last semester? I don’t know. I guess perhaps with my growing blog (now 3000+ google followers! <3) and just the overall workload of my degree + just everything else i am finding it extremely hard to answer all the messages i get through lookbook, twitter, my blog email, chictopia, facebook + the many other ways i seem to be able to be contacted online. Pretty much lagging in all aspects over here so, bear with me for a while! I think i’m pretty thankful that i have a generously sized backlog of posts going on right now for my blog, or else i might not even have time to update twice a week!
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