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Wearing: Dotti denim jacket, vintage dress, vintage bag, boots
outfit photo by cynthia
So a few weeks ago we went to maroondah dam to have a little picnic with and take photos of the scenery. It was a lovely day for an outdoor event (which was by the way organised by the uni photography club – aw how cute :D) I mean i wish i had more to say but my memory is getting a bit hazy.. But i do remember taking tonnes of photos of flowers, freaking out whilst crossing a insanely long – i swear, 100 m bridge, having nasi lemak for the first time in my life and sort of dying from the chilli but pretending not to because it was so good, going crazy over a friend’s fish eye lens. There were a few nice walking trails around the park which were unfortunately closed when we went, though the scenery was quite nice in general.. very serene if you ask me!
I decided to wear something comfy for the day – some flat boots with socks, a casual dress and a denim jacket which really doesn’t get as much wear considering how much i actually love it! I think out of all the photos i took, my favourite (stupid blogger is showing a squiggly red line under favourite.. *note to self* must change language to australian english) would have to be the one of the water tap. I don’t know why but i really love the lighting there! I think in terms of me and photography, i love taking photos of random objects and nature, just like what i’ve spammed this so called ‘fashion blog’ with in this post!
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