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White & Aztec

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KANI daisy hair crown available here, vintage blouse, Forever New belt, Supre skirt & aztec inspired sandals a gift from Fabi Shoes.

So when i first received these sandals in the mail the first thing that came to mind was.. WOW they are crazy!!! I’ve never ever owned a pair of sandals in more than one colour and these had what.. at least five colours? Not to mention crazy beads all over it. Lost for words, all i could think was, what do i match these with! Normally i like to wear crazy prints on my clothes and then have a pair of plain coloured shoes (you know, plain black, plain brown, plain cream, the usual). When that thought hit me, i immediately had a shoepiphany (shoe epiphany, ya know?). Why don’t i wear my crazy ‘printed’ stuff as my shoes, and then pair it with something plain and one coloured, in terms of my clothing? And how creative did i get with that? I went for white! And lots of it. And you know what? I love the end look!!! 

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I really like how the white colours i wore didn’t create too much noise or disturbance with the statement making shoes. It kept the whole outfit simple, yet there’s still a little bit of detail in the lace layers of my skirt and the tucked in belt :)
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The wreath really inspired me to play around and create this outfit as well. It really conjured up for me scenes of fairy girls prancing around in the woods with picnic baskets and what not and so i definitely had to include it in my look! It’s handmade and for sale here in my Etsy store along with a bunch of other newly listed woodland creations :)

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Told you they were crazy detailed.. so cool, i’ve never seen anything like it!

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