Matt Palmer – Rain
Sunnies c/o modekungen, khaki anorak c/o ClubCouture, top and shorts, vintage boots, Forever 21 socks
I’ve never really been a pet person. When i was younger, i used to have the biggest dog phobia. In early primary school, students used to bring their pets to school and we’d sit in a circle and pass the dog/cat/rabbit/bird(or maybe not bird) around. Whilst everyone was happily patting the little furry things i would sit there and have a full blown heart attack. My poor poor five year old soul. I don’t know why i was scared of pets, or animals in general. It might have been because I had never had a pet at home or been near any animals prior to having one shoved right in front of my face at school. Or it could just have been because i was quite small and perhaps the little puppies looked threatening.
Fast track to 2011. What’s my view on pets? I LOVE THEM. Okay, i’ll admit. Hyperactive dogs still really freak me out. Also, dogs that are bigger than about 40 cm tall also freak me out. Also, territorial cats really make me want to hide behind a bed. But hey, i really, really, really want a king charles spaniel or pomeranian cross! Now that’s some change in attitude. Anyway, what was i saying? Oh yeah. I just wanted to point out that the cat that got into these photos was really unfriendly. It kept giving me the evil glare and it pranced around like it owned the place. Okay, fine I was in an driveaway/alley that may or may not have been private ground but man, this cat was scary. Just check out it’s alien glare above!!! I felt like it was going to jump up and attack!
Oh and the clothes. I’m wearing many a shade of army/camouflage/khaki/beige. A fabulous anorak that finally fits. (Last time i bought one from Forever 21 and it was a little bit too loose). I’m really sorry but i think it’s sold out on ClubCouture now, but hey, check out their sale section and you may forgive me.. Some john lennon sunnies which probably make me a bit too cool than my geeky self haha but damn i love them so much! My ever so trusty vintage brown leather boots that are so scratched and scraped that they might have to retire soon. Some gorgeous khaki ripped denim shorts and a boho beaded top. Oh and people ask me about my lipsticks quite often. This one’s called ‘sultry sienna’ (lol) from maybelline.
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