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Floral Hats & Bow Backs

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wearing: vintage straw hat, Dotti denim jacket, bow back floral dress c/o ClubCouture, ASOS bow belt, bag c/o Chicwish, khaki socks & Urban Outfitters pocket boots

Don’t you love it when you’re browsing through pages of dresses online and then you click through a dress because it looks pretty on the front, only to realise that it’s got an even more amazing back? This happened to me when i was looking at this dress. I first fell in love with the casual t-shirt front and lightweight look of it only to click through to realise it has an open bow back! I can’t get enough of plain fronts and exciting backs (i’ve got a few more dresses i’ve bought, two of which are essentially the same open back style but in different colours). Pretty much fallen in love with open back dresses and anything with interesting back details! And you’ll probably be really excited to hear that this dress is now less than half price in the ClubCouture sale section – found out just as i was browsing through to find you guys the link (since i always seem to get emails asking me for direct links).. so you’re in luck!
Anyway i paired the florals with a denim jacket i’ve owned for probably four years now and still wear of course. Don’t you just love it when you own a piece you wear year after year? Feels so good. As well as a embroidered tassel bag that i love so much and well i think i just in some 70s mood. And i can’t get over my vintage straw hat too :) 

These photos were taken by my friend bc at carlton gardens (thanks so much bc!). We saw three wedding shoots happening on that day and chatted it up with a friendly old couple who ran a cadillacs hire business and because i just can’t get over the fabulousness of these 1950s cars.. meet mel & shirl, the couple who run the company. They asked me if i was married (haha). I told them i was 19. BC snapped a few photos of their cars. And i desperately concluded i need to hire one for something! I mean, how can you say no to a rocket looking car?!

photos by bc
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