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Hello Halloween

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Lonely Island – The Creep
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wearing: kani handmade pumpkin hair wreath, diy evil pumpkin mask..mounted on a harry potter wand with sticky tape, lace top & peach petticoat skirt c/o chicwish, crop top from supre, suede ankle boots c/o yesstyle, bracelets from diva, overseas and thrifted, socks from a local sock shop and the spider was a from a gag magic showbag i once got my sister from the melbourne show.. but never again will i buy her such things (she’s scared me too many times).
Just a quick little post to say – hello early Halloween! Halloween isn’t celebrated as much in Australia (ok, i have been trick or treating once or twice. Fine, yes, some creepy aliens visited us last year), but ever since LOOKBOOK.nu started becoming SPOOKBOOK.nu, I’ve decided to join in on the fun. This handmade pumpkin hair wreath + a whimsical fairy like outfit (petticoats are my new fave things, by the way) + a diy pumpkin mask + an empty block of land which has been empty for so long i could just set camp and attempt to adversely possess it. Sorry, just let slip a lame law joke. Pumpkins in my hair, a creepy spider i made sure i continually held onto just so i don’t forget it’s fake (you don’t want to know how many times i’ve been scared by it – even worse when it was me who bought it for my sister) + imaginary bats = a sweet little aussie halloween outfit shot in happy, bright sunlight.
So to those who do celebrate it, happy Halloween!
And to those who commence the spectacularly stressful week of vce exams and in my case, uni exams this week – good luck. “It always seems impossible until it is done”
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