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H.E.R – Be the one

There’s a time and place for everything and sadly trying to take photos on the road on a crazy sunny day on a busy saturday morning near a park hosting interschool sports (and hence cars driving past you every thirty seconds) is really not a good, well, time and place for shooting.
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OKAY I’m a really big fan of this envelope clutch from Romwe!!! I’ve been bringing it out with me every where i go and it fits a lot more than it looks like it does. In fact.. it almost fits my laptop even! The statement pink colour was the last colour i saw in stock when i purchased it but i really think it should have been the first one to sell out :P
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This fabulous silky dress is from LOVE, and i LOVE it. I know i am pretty lame with these puns but haha.. i don’t know but it never occurred to me feather print is a ‘me’ print but yeah, it definitely is cause it’s pretty much one of my favourite dresses right now, not to mention the bright colours it exudes. (Hush now spell-correct, stop telling me i am spelling ‘favourite’ and ‘colour’ wrong..)
And well, the sun did do some creepy things to the colour of my photos but my boots are actually beige with the red gusset :) I know they look fluoro in some of the photos (no idea?) but yeah, they are pretty much amazing as well. Thank you Market HQ for introducing them to my life <3
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It’s the return of my floppy wine wide brimmed hat!!! The hat that i loved ever so much and wore with too many outfits this time last year, has returned once again this season to bring you even more outfits and pops of colour haha. I think i wore this too much last year, but too bad :) I love it and no one can stop me from wearing it :D Except for the wind at my uni.And just for fun.. because this envelope clutch looks like, well it’s quite obvious it looks like and envelope. I couldn’t help but attempt to send it down the post box chute. Luckily my sanity triumphed my..insanity? and i still have my clutch with me, safe and sound :)

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Forever 21 hat, feather print dress c/o LOVE, vintage belt, envelope clutch , boots c/o Market HQ, socks from the local sock shop!
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