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Birdie At Markit

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Wearing: Chicwish scalloped blazer, top & bag, ASOS bird print pants, Urban Outfitters boots
Today was the bi-annual Markit design market at Federation Square. There were about 100+ designers having stalls there and I had brought in a little display for the Etsy info-stall. We were asked to bring a few items and some flyers/business cards, so I decided to put these little bits of info into a small little package with a few other extras thrown in. The market itself was fabulous, there were so many amazing handmade sellers with their collections up for sale, selling anything and everything including stationery, homewares, clothing, jewellery and “blogger” terrariums. I’m pretty much kicking myself for not getting a terranium because I said I would come back for it. I ended up purchasing two hilarious cards and a notebook for Tom. Anyway my sister and I ended up grabbing a bento box from Kenzan GPO and then we walked around the city aimlessly for about too many hours before finally collecting my items and heading back home. I think my biggest feat of today was wearing heels and being on my feet all day from 8:15AM – 5:45PM. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I put my shoes on!
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