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Bright At Brighton

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Wearing: Chicwish red dress (which can be worn reversed in blue!) & All About Eve singlet, Chicwish petticoat & ASOS wedges, vintage hat, ASOS sunnies, Kani hair wreaths
These photos just make me yearn for those hot summer days. Earlier this week, a few of us headed to Brighton beach for a mini photoshoot. Yohan brought along a bunch of rainbow coloured helium balloons, which matched perfectly with the famous Brighton bathing boxes lining the coastline. Yohan & i were the two “models” of the day and we were joined by Arthur & Venny. I really enjoyed my time as I’m normally always in front of the camera rather than behind it so it was a refreshing experience to finally practise some photography. I’ve never really been an expert at shooting in dazzling bright sunlight so I was very grateful of the advice I got from the others! So I had an amazing time shooting Yohan, she was fabulous in front of the camera & I really couldn’t get enough of the bright clear skies, seeing the ocean for the first time in almost a year and feeling the soft, soft sand between my toes. This was actually the first time I had ever been to Brighton and I will definitely be going back for more this Summer.
P.S. Etsy is having an little promotional stall at the biannual Federation Square design market, ‘Markit‘ this Sunday. I’m very excited to say that I will be displaying some of my handcrafted hair accessories at the market. I’ll be there for a bit in the morning and I hope you can all drop by to have a look at all the talented Melbourne designers that will be selling at the market (I am so excited to check it out too!). I’ll also be handing little paper bags of love to Kirsteene, the Etsy community manager in charge of the stall so be sure to come by & pick one up!
photos by Yohan, Arthur & I
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