Floral Corduroy Overalls

floral corduroy overalls
Elisa – Rock your soul
floral corduroy overalls
floral corduroy overalls
floral corduroy overalls
floral corduroy overalls
floral corduroy overalls
floral corduroy overalls
forever 21 wine floppy hat, lace shirt c/o chicwish, floral corduroy overalls c/o kissincussin, floral cream socks from a local sock shop, yellow wedges c/o yesstyle, vintage leather bag, diva necklace, bracelets from diva/overseas
I’m going to dot point this blog post because studying for exams that aren’t english is really making me question my writing skills. 
  • What i’m wearing: lace, wine, suede, a vintage bag. my fave boho necklace and.. floral. corduroy. overalls. Need i say more? Remember those retro flared cord pants? Well i still love them actually, been hunting for the perfect pair still. Anyway this is floral. corduroy. overalls. All in one. Yeah, i don’t think i need to say more, i’m sort of in love. Which leads me to my next point.
  • Classical melbourne weather complaint: The weather in melbourne is completely bipolar. Yesterday it was some 13-16 degrees. Later this week it’s going to hit 30. Zzz
  • Uni exams: I have my first exam tomorrow but i’ve been listening to music all day.. never been one to get anything into my head 24 hours before my exam. Though that’s going to have to change when i attempt to fit in the whole marketing course into my head for the day after..! Fantastic.
  • Mandatory law school complaint: Last semester i spent 80%+ of my study time studying for my one law subject (real property law) and 20% total on my three commerce subjects. And guess what, all my commerce subjects scored better than my law unit. Zzz
  • Stupid shoe crisis: Last week i was shopping on ASOS trying to check out (and by check out, i mean place my order) a pair of shoes and a pair of pants. It was so damn frustrating because paypal wouldn’t work. I tried i think.. 12 times? to pay but it kept saying it was not successful. What was worse, was the fact that i had the last pair of the shoes in stock EVER, in my size as well. So in an attempt to ensure my shoes constantly remained in my cart, i stayed on the ASOS page for a good hour and ended up checking out successfully (with my credit card), not one, but three pairs of shoes and the pants. Stupid. At least i could finally get shoes off my mind and continue studying again..
  • I don’t like CoD: though this facebook page really made me laugh.
  • I can’t wait for the summer break: things i will be doing include: not studying. Hopefully a lot of experimenting with my camera, learn another instrument, clean my room and be outdoors as much as i can, do enough hours driving so i can get my p’s at least sometime in the next half year (fingers crossed), explore victoria.. i literally wrote a a4 page list of what i want to do at the back for my diary.
  • 1000 followers on twitter: thanks everyone for following! sorry i must be quite boring on twitter sometimes since i don’t have a smartphone and can’t really tweet on the go haha. 
  • Dot points gave me verbal diarrhea: how ironic.

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