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Some Day

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Kani hair wreath, Supre striped top, Toi et Moi skirt, Urban Outfitters pocket boots

Just posting the last shots edric & i did together here :) A cute little ensemble featuring a sweet fuchsia and indigo print skirt from Toi et Moi. In a pebble sort of pattern, which is a fresh addition which really stands out to me in my wardrobe full of floral clutter that i am sadly feeling a bit sick of! Paired with a staple striped top and my trusty pocket boots. To me, a striped top – whether its a long sleeve, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, jumper, whatever – is the perfect saviour for when anything else just doesn’t go.

Anyway, after the shoot i went in what i would call a modified version of the above to a food photography workshop hosted by our uni photography club, which i am now the vice president of for 2012!!! Or a.k.a. the understudy/sidekick of the fab president jeremy :D. edric came along too to check out chapel st and all.

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my expression is explained by the fact that roy said he was just ‘testing out the location’
I got my photography on and attempted some artistic looking photos with the compulsory retro post-processing.. haha. I guess a lot of people i know like taking photos of people but i on the other hand, i think i prefer taking photos of scenery, objects as well as sort of planned editorial sort of fashion shoots!

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the people photos are by sherman, roy & tommy

Anyways i think we got a bit too snap happy with continuous shooting and ended up taking all these animation photos. Pretty much in major animation mood lately after attempting to make an animation video for my hair accessories but never really having time to make the finishing edits. So enjoy these gifs of me and sherman shuffling (although i really have no idea what i’m doing) and roy running around.. yes i think we must have been high on the spring rolls or something!
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Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! 

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