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So I’ve been trialling the iPad thanks to Vodafone for the past week to do my daily blogging tasks, including anything from replying to emails, playing around with Instagram, tweeting, receiving live notifications, using Skype for the first time (I know – in fact I skyped with Edric for a little virtual collaboration which you can see here) and writing this blog post! It’s probably the first time I’ve spent so long with an Apple touch screen devices, given I hadn’t owned one before and I was pretty much surprised to find that there was an app for all my blogging essentials – Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, Etsy, Bloglovin and Facebook. Not to mention ASOS Magazine and Instagram (come follow me – “kisforkani”), both of which are so addictive. I’ve been thinking of switching to an iPhone when my plan ends and now I can’t decide which one to get. Given that Vodafone has a pay nothing upfront deal for the iPad 2 this Christmas and it sounds much like the familiar way of hooking up to a new phone plan.. I might accidentally end up with both. The photos above from my Instagram – clothing and outfits, a dollhouse I bought to put my perfume, make up & jewellery in, a record player I *discovered* in my living room, some red suede wedges I am dying to wear, oysters and salad, sunlight and early mornings and Christmas lights. Just snippets of my week posted on the easiest to use retro/vintagte photo editing program I’ve ever used.

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