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Jewel Green

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December is the season of festivities. Last week Tom & I went to Carols by Candlelight at a local council park. There were tonnes of ‘family friendly’ kids activities such as face painting, bubble blowing and jumping castles.. as well as a large Carols program concluding with a laser show and fireworks. Going with the Christmas mood, we headed off to Ivanhoe to see the Christmas lights. A few days later it was Tom’s 21st birthday & we went to a quirky little Japanese restaurant for dinner. Pretty much my new favourite place with the best raw beef.. Wabi Sabi :)

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 Wearing: Bardot beaded maxi dress & Kani headband

I was in a major Christmas mood this week and just had to wear this jewel green dress I bought impulsively for one of the many events and dinners coming up this festive season. I was almost going to wear it to Carols, wearing it around the house before going out until I suddenly decided.. nah. I guess it’s not very practical to wear something floor length trampling around grassy parks. Still love the colour and can’t wait to wear it out soon! Made this headband for my Etsy store but then fell in love with it too much to list it so it’s now mine :) Absolutely loving diorama like scenes on headbands!

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