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See You Next Year

1. the outfits
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I thought I’d do a quick recap of my favourite outfits from 2011. Petticoats, high waisted pants, overalls, neutrals, colour & vintage were definitely on the top of the list and I can’t wait to head into 2012 with these pieces – and of course experimenting with new things as well. I’ve realised that there was an absence of necklaces, bracelets and rings in my usual day to day outfits. I would most likely point the cause of this as having to go to uni so often and simply deciding to go without for convenience’ sake. Though this has instead stirred up a huge urge to start up a new jewellery collection and well, last week I suddenly found myself buying five necklaces and two rings. Can’t wait to dabble into the shiny touches of gold again!

2. lately
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A few photos I took late December at the beach, wearing one of my favourite high waisted bikinis from ModCloth. Big fan of the high waisted look for the beach though I think I must be one of the very few who like them as I felt a little out of place in this swimsuit.. no one seems to like the high waists like me! The sun was giving off really good photography vibes so I just had to snap a few photos :)

3. instafeeds
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Things I’ve been up to include spending much too long at the hairdresser getting a portion of my hair bleached. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything to the colour of my hair and I’m suddenly too afraid to curl it, which is what I really wanted to try out with the brassy blonde strands. I also uncovered a pair of coral pink flats that I almost forgot I owned. I cleaned, reorganised and set up a much neater Etsy creating studio.. and also visited a black and white retro photo booth for the first time :)

4. new diaries
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Tom, me & Jess shall be diary buddies for 2012 as we fight through another year of our degrees and crazy packed lives with the red moleskine weekly diary :) I love how it has the days on the left and a blank page on the right – perfect for the endless number of lists I tend to create. The green heart sticker has already been put to good use on 31.12.2011 which marks Tom & my 3rd year together and the ‘seaside’ and ‘holiday’ sticker have been stuck side by side to mark my first ever whole week at the beach.. a fabulous way to start 2012!

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