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Green and Gold

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Wearing: ASOS deer print cardigan, belt & platform heels, vintage necklace & top, Evil Twin bull cuff and Bardot skirt

The Australian colours, green and gold inspired my outfit for Australia Day. I’ve always had the urge to pair my greens with yellow (or gold) and was always met with the thought: ‘nah’ – as it’s one of those sorta strange combinations to wear around over here. Like as if I’m an athlete at the Olympics. Anyway, I thought I’d bust them out together on Australia Day but felt a little bit funny in them and added in, well, just about every other colour of the rainbow. A pink chiffon cardigan, a bright blue belt and navy platform wedges and now all I’m missing is violet. Tom & I spent the afternoon at a fishing lake where we attempted to catch fish – but instead we caught many snags, picking wild blackberries and seeing dozens of wild kangaroos and rabbits. Here’s wishing everyone a relaxing weekend. Thank you to everyone who has voted for me in the ASOS Future Stylist competition, feel free to vote for me again today – and every day onwards if you’d like ;) – over here and enter the giveaway below :)

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