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Wearing: Kani birds nest headband, top, Chicwish petticoat, ASOS wedges & belt
One of the things that I am really loving at the moment, aside from usual dashes of colour and print, is neutrals. And if it’s on a colour of a petticoat or embellished with beads and sequins.. even better. These photos are the last set of photos taken at Venus bay. The wild grass field behind our holiday house begged for a few photo snaps. I loved the endless spans of bush and land behind the properties! There was plenty of trees and grass, fruit trees and and even a few mountains which had a really narrow sand path that led to the beach. I took it once (I think it was about four mountains worth of walking) and I was positively scared out of my mind by the suspicious rustling noises in the bush, spiderwebs & bull ants and the fact that I had no idea where it would lead us!
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