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Urban Clash

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Wearing: ASOS hat, shirt, cuff, rings & platform heels and vintage necklace, pocket belt & skirt

Sometimes the best outfits are ones that you just throw together last minute, without the thought of what should go with what. I’m not quite sure why I decided to put bright red in this pastel blue outfit but I think I like it. There’s a lot going on here – embroidery on the shirt, print, an embossed belt. There’s also a lot of textures involved – suede, felt, chiffon, leather, metal. And it’s putting these sorts of pieces together that get me really excited as I really wouldn’t have planned to put something like this together otherwise. These gold accessories, which have been in my kind ownership and care for ages now, have been on my hands and neck pretty much everywhere lately but have only just made their blog debut. These navy platform heels have subtle bows on the front which I also adore. With a deserted courtyard in the city as my backdrop, hello to my latest loves.

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