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Kani hair wreath, Samantha Wills necklace and stone cuff, Wish ‘Angelica’ dress, ASOS belt & wedges

I just wanted to share with you a couple of photos of this dress which I also used as part of the White Bohemia Blogger’s Edit. It’s a midi-length dress and hits just at my knees. And I’ve never owned a midi-dress. Ever. Mainly because I feel like they make me seem short and I don’t really need that when I’m already not so tall to begin with – 160cm to be exact (I always seemed to get asked this and suddenly wonder how tall/short do I look?!) But this Wish dress, for some reason, just feels so flattering on. It’s made out of a very flowy, dusty pink material & has beautiful cut-out detailing on the front. It’s name, the ‘Angelica’ dress which I think easily embodies the dress’s design. Wore this on my birthday & loved it. Officially 20, which makes me have the urge to pack away anything teenager-ish as I venture into the world of…hm being ‘old-er’!

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