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6896061479 d02d71d2fb o Sydney6896062123 ffeabf2b0d o Sydneywearing: Quirky Circus striped t-shirt, vintage overalls & Urban Outfitters pocket boots
Ah, hello! I’ve just returned from a four (slightly too short) day holiday, cruising 10km above the ground on a one hour flight to well, what could be described as Melbourne’s rival city, Sydney. Sydney weather for the week before had been pretty rough, but thankfully the weather upon arrival was more than fine! On the first day, the touristy activities on hand included checking out the Harry Potter exhibition and visiting the Sydney Tower. I brought along this pair of vintage floral denim  overalls that I was just dying to wear. It has a gorgeous subtle print which I paired with a striped t-shirt I had never before found the chance to wear and my trusty pocket boots which ended up being more comfortable than the only pair of flats I brought along. They ended up being my shoe-of-the-holiday and I wore them every single day, 9am-9pm and did not land a single ouchie. Amazing. The top photo is my desktop wallpaper at the moment and was taken whilst on the plane. The view of the city is simply breathtaking and is probably one of the things that I love about Sydney the most!

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