—— 30.03.12 | outfit ——

Grey Day

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Wearing: Bill and Mar asymmetrical shirt, vintage blouse, Hunt no More leggings, Steve Madden heels & ASOS stacker rings 

When I shot the photos for the ASOS semi-finals, I felt like I had not captured the beauty and versatility of this asymmetrical shirt fully. So last week I decided to style it up again and this time, I decided to wear it unbuttoned like a cardigan, pairing it with some printed leggings and one of my all time favourite vintage blouses. I don’t know how I came up with this colour combination either, it’s one of those ones where you would never think it would work but for some reason, I feel like these pieces go together just fine. And with a deserted parking lot at hand, this is what resulted :) Hope you like them! Just a reminder also that the ASOS Future Stylist semi-finals end in just under four days and I would love your daily votes to help send this little Aussie to London to participate in the final challenge! As always, you also go into a neat little draw to win £200 or £25 on my semi-final blog post below :)PS. Please bookmark me as www.kisforkani.com (and not my blogspot address) as a little birdie says there will be a few exciting changes happening soon..!

—— 26.03.12 | outfit ——

Asos Future Stylist Semi Finals

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Wearing: Bill & Mar asymmetrical shirt, River Island sequin skirt, ASOS shoes & rings.
Hello everyone! Here’s my semi-final round outfit for the ASOS Future Stylist competition. The theme this round was ‘Make it Unique’ and basically we had to choose an item from an ASOS Marketplace store and style a look around it. I went for an asymmetrical shirt the UK independent label, Bill & Mar – a label born from a young designer who was inspired after visiting Australia. Perfect! I don’t know what really inspired me to put together this combination but I went with a silver collar necklace, sequin skirt, ankle cuffs and a nude with golden heels, heel. I am completely in love with the way this shirt flies when I walk. I feel like I’m wearing a Harry Potter cape or something. I hope you guys like my look and it would be amazing if you could vote for me daily here! It would mean the world for me if I got the chance to be around in the finals & it would mean the world and even more to me to be given a chance to visit the UK.
As always, ASOS is offering my blog readers a £25 voucher just by voting for me, all you need to do is vote here & leave a comment below – Please spread the word if you can, thank you so much guys!

—— 24.03.12 | outfit ——

Happy Snaps

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Wearing: Kani headband, YesStyle button back red jumper, ASOS rainbow dress, Urban Outfitters shoes, & ASOS bag/belt/shirt. 
Just some before-the-show snaps taken throughout LMFF. I think I’m obviously leaning towards lots of colourful, bright colours and prints this season, especially when I can make them clish and clash together. All in all the week was great and I am really grateful to have met so many Australian bloggers both on at LMFF and also on my short holiday to Sydney as well. There are a lot of exciting things happening in the Aussie blogosphere this year and just the feeling of having met each other instead of talking over the interweb is really quite great. 
Also, thanks to every single one of you who voted for me in the latest ASOS Future Stylist heat, I managed to make it through to the semi-finals! There will be five of us competing for one of two spot in the finals, with the semi-finals going live for voting this Monday night Melbourne time! With the winner winning a trip to the UK to style a special celebrity shoot.. and being the only non-European blogger left in the competition, I couldn’t be more excited to even be in this competition and have that small  chance!!! Eeeep I just might have to send myself there anyway, after seeing an ad on the London Olympics on TV. And just how pretty London buildings are. Or just buildings in Europe in general. Oh and especially the stone tile roads we never get in Australia! Haha oops I think I’ve just got the biggest travelling bug and am literally itching to visit Europe & the States.