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Brunch At Brussels

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Wearing: YesStyle maxi cardigan, vintage blouse & sweater guard, Kani headband and ASOS bird print pants
During LMFF last week, Breakfast with Audrey, The Iconic & GlossyBox organised a cosy little Blogger’s Brunch at Madame Brussels. Madame Brussels was so overly adorable with fake flowers, synthetic grass indoors, beautiful vintage tapestry couches & day chairs and floral plates.. pretty much my thing, 100%. Yes, I have lived in Melbourne all my life. Yes, it was the first time I had ever been to Madame Brussels. No I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Moving along! We spent the morning catching up with old faces as well as meeting new ones too :) Morning tea was also served and included my favourite – strawberry and cream scones, pink cupcakes, quiches and sandwich triangles. Marcus brought along his funky camera with the built in fisheye setting which proved to be extremely fun & it was also pretty funky to see a group of us all come in printed pants (Tash & Pip from BWA, Jess, Nicole & I). Overall, a lovely morning :)

Photos by Marcus, Nicole & myself
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