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Grey Day

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Wearing: Bill and Mar asymmetrical shirt, vintage blouse, Hunt no More leggings, Steve Madden heels & ASOS stacker rings 

When I shot the photos for the ASOS semi-finals, I felt like I had not captured the beauty and versatility of this asymmetrical shirt fully. So last week I decided to style it up again and this time, I decided to wear it unbuttoned like a cardigan, pairing it with some printed leggings and one of my all time favourite vintage blouses. I don’t know how I came up with this colour combination either, it’s one of those ones where you would never think it would work but for some reason, I feel like these pieces go together just fine. And with a deserted parking lot at hand, this is what resulted :) Hope you like them! Just a reminder also that the ASOS Future Stylist semi-finals end in just under four days and I would love your daily votes to help send this little Aussie to London to participate in the final challenge! As always, you also go into a neat little draw to win £200 or £25 on my semi-final blog post below :)PS. Please bookmark me as (and not my blogspot address) as a little birdie says there will be a few exciting changes happening soon..!

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