—— 21.03.12 | outfit ——

Graduate Showcase

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Anna Langdon

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Sally Edwards

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Stefanie McPherson

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Laura Hui Shan Li

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Natalia Grzybowski

My favourite LMFF show by far has really got to be the National Graduate Showcase presented by Sportsgirl. The show featured final year design students from all over Australia showcasing their creativity through a series of personal collections. Every single collection I saw was highly innovative and different, which is why I just loved it so much. The photos above are just some snaps of my favourites from the night. I could seriously post triple the amount of photos but sadly my camera really couldn’t deal with the non-flash and low light, despite sitting directly in front of the runway! Anna’s pieces were a particular love of mine – her appropriately titled collection ‘kitschfolk und kindheit’ really appealed to me with it’s kitschy, mismatched like playful looks. The teal cape in particular stole my heart as soon as I saw it and the clock sweater I can see doing very well over winter dresses. Sally’s ‘boys and girls are choice’ displayed a selection of androgynous tartan looks which are starting to rekindle my love for the print. Stefanie’s collection was a whimsical delight. I am literally head over heels in love with that trench coat with floral watercolour print.. I have never seen a trench coat like that and anything I haven’t seen before is pretty much an instant tick in my books. The carefully moulded leather pieces in Laura’s leather collection were such a carefully crafted work of art. And Natalia’s floral prints (I will never get over floral print, despite what I might say) were absolutely breathtaking coupled with the structured ruffle and details!

The national graduate show was a pleasure to watch and for the designers themselves to sit and watch their pieces being modeled on the catwalk must have been one of the best feelings in the world!

—— 18.03.12 | outfit ——

On the Waterfront

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Wearing: ASOS print blazer, knit top & bag, vintage necklace, Gorman skirt andamp; Urban Outfitters ankle boots
Just a few snaps taken before the LMFF Runway 2 (presented by InStyle) last week. I decided to go for a clash of  prints – a look that I am particularly fond of if you ever read my blog from the very beginning. To be honest, the outfit was a little bit last minute. I was pretty stumped as to what to wear so I just threw together a warm colour palette that sort of matched naturally – pinks, reds, yellows and browns. This particular bag has been serving me very well for this past fashion week. I think I brought it with me to every runway show and event that I ever went to. It was the perfect size for carrying my DSLR, which was the main reason why it was my go-to bag all week. I really love the Docklands backdrop in these photos, it’s a lovely change from my usual suburban shots and makes me feel a little sad that I only head into the city once every couple of months! I didn’t manage to take many decent photos at the InStyle Runway as there just wasn’t enough light for my camera to operate without a flash. So here’s just two shots of the media riser area at the end of the runway (crazy amount of cameras!) and the final walk.


Outfit photos by Rufimy
—— 17.03.12 | outfit ——

Brunch At Brussels

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Wearing: YesStyle maxi cardigan, vintage blouse & sweater guard, Kani headband and ASOS bird print pants
During LMFF last week, Breakfast with Audrey, The Iconic & GlossyBox organised a cosy little Blogger’s Brunch at Madame Brussels. Madame Brussels was so overly adorable with fake flowers, synthetic grass indoors, beautiful vintage tapestry couches & day chairs and floral plates.. pretty much my thing, 100%. Yes, I have lived in Melbourne all my life. Yes, it was the first time I had ever been to Madame Brussels. No I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Moving along! We spent the morning catching up with old faces as well as meeting new ones too :) Morning tea was also served and included my favourite – strawberry and cream scones, pink cupcakes, quiches and sandwich triangles. Marcus brought along his funky camera with the built in fisheye setting which proved to be extremely fun & it was also pretty funky to see a group of us all come in printed pants (Tash & Pip from BWA, Jess, Nicole & I). Overall, a lovely morning :)

Photos by Marcus, Nicole & myself