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April 2012

  • k is for kani london asos future stylist 2012 2s


    Just a travelling outfit which spent the day watching an editorial shoot. I'm really drawn to beautiful prints and when I saw this watercolour style print blazer, I knew it had…

  • kisforkani7s

    the other side of the world

    I'm back! It's not really like me to not update my blog for a week even if I am away but my trip to London was one of the busiest trips…

  • k is for kani 4s

    of trains and other things

    There's a miniature train in the area that operates once every few weeks. I always drive past and always think how lovely it would be to snap some outfit photos there.…

  • personal travel


    Outfit photos: Sutejo Tan & Rowena Cao So I pretty much couldn’t sleep last night. But I guess I can’t see who can possibly sleep after hearing news that they JUST…