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It has been over four months since I first received an email from Natalie @ ASOS asking me if I wanted to be a part of their annual fashion and styling competition, ‘ASOS Future Stylist 2012′. Ever since then, it has been an amazing, whirlwind journey. It started off with 15 handpicked bloggers from around the world, each representing their own countries in this huge, round-by-round, style-off. And it was my love for ASOS shoes that magically had me selected to represent Australia in the competition. Four rounds later and we’ve fast forwarded to now: the home stretch. Presenting , the ASOS Future Stylist Finals, now live for daily voting on the ASOS Facebook page. Last week the two finalists were flown to ASOS HQ in Hampstead, London – to complete the final round styling challenges in person. It was the most beautiful experience in my blogging journey so far to be a part of this and I can’t thank enough everyone who has been supporting me and voting for me in the past rounds of the competition. Now, I can also finally reveal what we got up to during the week as the final images (and videos) go live online.


k is for kani asos future stylist australia 2012 connie cao 2 ASOS FUTURE STYLIST GRAND FINALS (+GIVEAWAY)

k is for kani asos future stylist australia 2012 connie 1 ASOS FUTURE STYLIST GRAND FINALS (+GIVEAWAY)

Wearing ASOS sequin skirt, ASOS clutch & ASOS current/new season

Today, I can happily share with you our ASOS Revive styling challenge. We were asked to select two pieces from the S/S’12 ASOS Revive collection – a collection inspired by sportswear and the 80s-90s aesthetic. This was the first challenge we completed at ASOS HQ and we had 90 minutes total to style these quite directional pieces in a way that was wearable. For my first look, I chose this ASOS Revive silk and mesh peplum blouse and paired it with an all over sequin high waisted skirt, white blazer, pink heels (which were obviously too big as I’m much smaller than the typical model in all directions) and pale pink clutch. The idea was to share how you could simply tuck a top like this into an outfit to give it a completely different looked to wearing the peplum look out. I wanted to use the sequin (something very on trend right now) skirt as the statement piece and use the ASOS Revive piece to create a look around it that was easy to wear. So I chose crisp whites and a splash of pink in various shades.

Voting for the final round of the competition opens now and one vote per day can be cast every day, with a new ‘voting day’ starting at 11AM. This is the absolute final round of the competition and I would more than appreciate your votes here. The winner wins the opportunity to style a celebrity at a mystery location shoot as well as the official ASOS Future Stylist title! ASOS have also given me £50 voucher for all my voting readers, in addition to the £500 you can automatically win. To be in the draw, simply vote for me at least once and leave your name/contact email in the comments below. For a bonus entry, simply tweet my voting link http://asos.to/VoteKani and let me know as well :)

Thank you!

Behind-the-scenes photos by Niran Vinod, studio photos by Petr @ ASOS

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k is for kani london asos hq 4s watercolour

k is for kani london asos hq 1s watercolour

k is for kani london asos hq 5s watercolour
k is for kani london asos future stylist 2012 3s watercolour

k is for kani london asos hq 6s watercolour

Wearing: ASOS yellow raincoat, River Island blazer, Zara collared shirt, Etsy necklace, Gorman skirt & ASOS bag {Outfit photos by Jana}

In an attempt to pack an empty suitcase for the UK, I decided to scrimp on bringing shoes since they are so heavy. So I ended up bringing my pocket boots as well as my Steve Madden Grettta heels – as we were asked to bring a few pairs of shoes for the competition. So here I was going to the UK with just two pairs of shoes – one completely not appropriate to walk around in 15 hours a day. The other, well, unfortunately just the same as well. So here came my shoe drama. My feet were hurting in my pocket boots so I went to Oxford St and acquired for myself, a pair of lower heeled boots. Too bad the leather was so stiff on these new shoes that after a day, I was back at Oxford St again to replace the shoes I had bought to replace my original shoes. This time, I went for the most comfiest and somewhat not exciting shoes I had ever bought. These were like black volleys, but with a high top. Completely flat, very wide with the inside lined with thick fleece. I might as well have been wearing some actual runners hey! Nevertheless, why am I telling you this? Well my feet were really hurting on the day I took these photos so I wore the said shoes and yeah they just didn’t look exciting so that’s why all the photos cut off at my knee :) So I wore this outfit to watch an editorial shoot for next issue of ASOS magazine. I actually bought this blazer and shirt whilst I was at Oxford St buying shoes (yes I got distracted by all the other shops) and decided to pair it with this skirt for a print and colour clashing sort of combo. I was really drawn to this watercolour style print blazer and really hadn’t seen anything like it and when I see something I’ve never really seen before, I have to get it and can’t wait to style it again in a more cohesive way, working from a wardrobe a little more bigger than my travelling wardrobe :)

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the other side of the world

kisforkani1s the other side of the worldkisforkani4s the other side of the world

kisforkani2s the other side of the world

kisforkani8s the other side of the world

kisforkani9s the other side of the world

kisforkani6s the other side of the world

kisforkani3s the other side of the world

kisforkani5s the other side of the world
Wearing: ASOS raincoat & bag, YesStyle jumper, Topshop pants & boots {outfit photos by Dan Loke}

I’m back! It’s not really like me to not update my blog for a week even if I am away but my trip to London was one of the busiest trips I’ve ever been on. I was up and running with only six hours sleep every day, scurrying around the city with a friend who also happened to be halfway across the world with me – trying to visit every single old monument, shopping strip and tourist attraction in just three days, followed by five intense days at ASOS HQ creating content for the ASOS Future Stylist finals next week! Every day went by so quickly and I took so many photos and videos that I filled up two 8gb memory cards. This set of photos are of Buckingham Palace where we watched the changing of the guards ceremony, Oxford St – where all the crazy high street shopping happens (think Bourke St but all the shops are Myer size) and the famous London Eye observation wheel. I hardly brought any clothes with me to the UK which proved to be a struggle when trying to choose cohesive outfits but thankfully this pair of pants that I bought on the first day in the UK really saved the day. Especially considering that the only pair of ‘bottoms’ I brought with me was my Gorman basketweave skirt which although I love a lot, just didn’t want to work with anything else I had with me. There are so many more photos to come and I really can’t wait to show you what is in store for round 5 finals of ASOS Future Stylist. Expect many posts soon!