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Wearing: August Street lilac blazer & lime shirt, vintage sweater guard, Topshop daisy printed pleated skirt, Betts silhouette platform heels {photos by Sutejo Tan, Egor Evdokimov}

One of the trends that has really been a highlight on the runways and in stores for Spring/Summer is the pastel and neon combination. It may seem like an unlikely merge of opposites, although when you actually put them together, the colour combinations work unbelievably well. My wardrobe certainly has more than its fair share of pastel pieces, but on the other hand, neon is definitely not something I wear on a common basis. When I first heard that we’d be working pastels and neons together, I was eager to see what I would come up with given I’ve never put the two together in the past. A quick flick of some online editorials was all I needed to spark my inspiration and before I knew it, I was embracing the pops of neon as if it were something I wore all the time! Neon yellow is now something I am very much adoring. It’s such a bright pop of colour and really adds that touch of fun to an outfit. And to top it all off with a classic Kani vintage touch – collar embellishments thanks to this gold and ivory daisy sweater guard. This is probably my all time favourite sweater guard out of all of the many that I’ve accumulated over the last couple of years, and I absolutely love how they can immediately uplift an outfit in a polished way. Neons work amazingly well in drawing attention to particular features of your outfit, like a pop of neon at your feet highlighting the elegant silhouette of the shoes. And whilst I would probably never dress in head-to-toe neon, I really can’t stop dreaming up soft little Spring outfits paired with a nice neon yellow necklace. Oh, and I have officially added a neon yellow shirt to my shopping wishlist as well :)

P.S. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my previous post, it was so much fun to shoot that look and I was very excited to see it on the top of the hot page of!

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