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sweet freedom

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Wearing: Pixie Market lilac biker jacket, Warehouse button back blouse, Rotsaniyom floral shorts, Plomo ankle strap flats, ASOS bag & Doury necklace

And I’m back! The university year is over (for now) and I’ve also decided that no, I am not going to attempt any summer school units. I don’t even know why I considered it. Freedom is sweet. Yesterday, Tom and I decided to have a spontaneous picnic to make the most of Melbourne’s sunny Sunday and I guess this is what I wore! I didn’t realise how hot it was outside hence the long sleeved blouse. Thank goodness it was a pretty sheer one or I might have just fainted from heat exhaustion. This dusty lilac colour was on my mind all week so I sort of built an entire outfit around the same colour scheme – the jacket, blouse and shorts were an interesting mash of purples and I had never actually planned to wear any of these pieces together. And a pair of ankle strap flats are a perfect addition to my spring/summer shoedrobe :-)

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