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a snowy surprise


Hello from Lucerne! I’ve decided to give the Paris travel diary a skip and save that for later (a few London posts left though!) – making way for some current photos from snowy Lucerne. Tom & I just arrived a couple of days ago and for a small town of just over 75,000 residents, it is pretty amazing. Lucerne, is a natural beauty. From our balcony, we can see the Swiss Alps. Mt Pilatus is literally five bus stops away. When we first arrived yesterday we were greeted by snow. I love snow. When we wake up every morning, it is snowing. Our front garden is covered with a layer of beautiful white every day and to my unexpected surprise (for some reason), it is just so soft to step in snow – like fairy floss. I just love it here and the locals have been so friendly to us! I mean, someone stopped their car on the middle of the road just so we could take a photo from the other side of the road.. Did I mention it is the first time I’ve been somewhere that snows?

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  • rhodawong

    such a beautiful place! i can’t wait until i go to japan where there will be snow everywhere!


  • Wow it looks so quaint and picturesque! Lovely photos!


  • How cool! We had a snowy surprise the other day as well. I went to bed feeling like spring was on its way, only to wake up to a snowy place!

  • So

    Hello! Yeah! Always nice to hear people making nice comments about my country (I am from Geneva :-)) Enjoy! Eat lots of chocolate!

  • Floortje van Cooten

    Great photos!

  • aw I used to live in Swtizerland! these give me pangs of homesickness.  Lucerne was a place my family used to go a lot for the scenery. have fun!!

  • beautiful <3 <

  • Francesca

    wow, I can’t imagine how excited you must be to see snow as you’ve never experienced it before!
    Also, I want to go to Switzerland so badly as it seems like such a beautiful place and this post has further proved this!


  • I haven’t experienced snow in my entire life! Hopefully I can soon. And I’m loving your instagram, you take wonderful shots!


  • Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. I’ve never heard of Lucerne but now I must visit there! How cold is it there? I’ve never been to a place that snows. As it is, I barely survive winters in Australia lol.

  • Annlucky

    i love the snow… and in my contry don’t snow :((((( I love so much that photos babe!!! 

  • Adeline Yang

    beyoohtiful pictures! <3

  • Lucy

    I was going to say – it’s quite a treat seeing snow on your blog Kani!! 
    I’ve been to Luzerne! Isn’t the air just such a treat to breathe?! And went up mt Pilatus too! – that’s quite a coincidence as just a couple of days ago, my Dad and I were trying to remember the name of it and could only remember that it sounded like Pilates!!

    Have a fantastic time lady!

    Lucy at http://www.shinythoughts.net

  • joanna

    looks great! Although I am a bit sick of snow already since we have heaps of it in Finland (and -25 degrees celsius).  Anyway, enjoy your time there :)


  • Adriana

    I LOVE your photography!!